Supplier Sourcing Software

For Inventors and Small Businesses

Software For Building Your Supply Chain 

Do you have a product you want to find Suppliers for? Whether you plan to find the Suppliers yourself, or hire a Sourcing Agent, our software can manage it.


Product Management

Manage your product and all of it’s specifications in our easy to use organizational platform. Housing all of the information about your product in one place.



With that organization, start finding Suppliers yourself or share access to a Sourcing Agent who will take the drivers seat to build your Supply Chain for you.

Supplier Management

Easily keep track of potential suppliers, their quotes and all kinds of useful information. Calculate total landed costs including commission, tariff, freight, customs and more.

Your product is too

important for spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are great to start with, but they get very inefficient and confusing to manage a product and manage building its entire Supply Chain. Spreadsheets and saving relevant files on your computer also makes collaboration difficult. What’s more, if you are using software that wasn’t designed specifically for building the best Supply chain, you are going to be less efficient and leave a lot of money on the table.

Better Suppliers

Navanty also keeps track of every Supplier anyone enters into our system and cross references them with Suppliers you might be considering and their product scope. This allows us to suggest better suppliers for your projects with better prices, higher quality or better payment terms. 
We aren’t just a software company, we are your advocate for getting the best out of your Supply Chain.

Sourcing Agents Welcome

Our software was built for Sourcing Agents by Sourcing Agents. We know what you go through and have designed this software to give you easy access to the information you need. Now you can be more efficient and effective, while serving your Client better. 

When Clients come to us who don’t already have a Sourcing Agent, it can be you that we refer them to. Clients coming to you that aren’t organized or ready for Sourcing yet? Refer them to Navanty so that they can get organized and ready for you.

"I am so much more organized. I no longer make the silly costly mistakes I used too."

– Roger Hoon

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